Catholic School Advisory Council

All About Our Catholic School Advisory Council: 
Our 2023-2024 CSAC Executive: Kristen Nicholson (Chair), Tatiana Fernandez (Secretary), Amy Charlton (Treasurer), Suzanne Franklin (St. John the Divine Parish Representative).
The St. Jude Catholic School Advisory Council is made up of parents/guardians, school staff, and administration. We gather regularly throughout the school year to meet other families, learn about school operations, and discuss school issues and efforts to benefit students. It's a great opportunity to become more involved in your child's education.   
Catholic School Councils give parents, staff and other community partners the opportunity to have a positive influence on our Catholic identity, student achievement and school climate.
Catholic School Councils engage in valued discussions in an advisory capacity with the principal and school board, in support of their children’s education. 
Catholic School Councils are comprised of a dedicated team of parent representatives, teachers, and the principal. In keeping with the document, School Councils - A Guide for Members, elections for the Council Executive are held at the beginning of the school year beginning with nomination forms sent to all families, followed by an election. All meetings are open to all parents.  
As a Catholic School Advisory Council member, you can help your council discover new and exciting ways to contribute to the growth and improvement of your school. Please consider attending a council meeting or becoming a part of this year's council and making a positive impact on your child's education. Your participation can make a difference!  
Can't make it to monthly meetings?  You can support our School Council in other ways! 
Just an hour or two of your time can make a tremendous difference in our efforts. We need volunteers to assist in supporting school events. If you are interested in supporting our Catholic School Council in this way, please leave your name, phone number, and email at the school office and our school chair, Mrs. Kristen Nicholson will contact you. Thank you! 
Our meetings for the 2023-2024 school year take place - in our school library and online - at 7:00 p.m. on the following dates:  April 16 and May 21.
More details to follow in our weekly newsletters.